36 Fresh All Beef Burgers


Weight 13.50 lbs

36 Fresh All Beef Burgers

Locally sourced!

BBQ time anyone? The classic burger is here and it's fresh and ready to cook!

A TeamFund favorite! 36 burger patties contain only what you need for a great burger – Beef!! No fillers or binders just 100% ground beef

This ground is Certified Angus Beef and Gluten Free. 

Fresh and made for your order on demand. Each burger is 6 oz average, portioned by 6, then vacuum sealed to guarantee freshness. Ideal for a family gathering or BBQ with friends!

CAB (Certifed Angus Beef) : Certified Angus Beef ® ranchers have worked for decades to ensure that their cattle are raised and reared to the ten exacting standards of the Certified Angus Beef ® brand for its trademark flavour and texture. Marbling and maturity, consistent sizing, quality appearance and tenderness are what set Certified Angus Beef ® apart. It’s on an entirely different level from what the other guys  (and gals) serve.

6 packages of 6 burgers.

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